Reports & Statistics

This section will present the reports of the Standard in Public Office Commission (Standards Commission) as they arise.

It will also provide statistics that are of public interest after Lobbying Returns are made to the Standards Commission.

The Standards Commission is obliged to provide Annual reports to the Oireachtas.

Annual Reports

Part 5, Section 25(1), The Commission shall prepare an annual report relating to the operation of this Act and shall cause a copy of it to be laid before each House of the Oireachtas no later than 30 June in the year following that to which it relates.

(2) A report under subsection (1) shall (in particular) include, in a form which does not enable the identification of the persons involved, information relating to—
(a) any determinations under section 14 made or in force in that year,
(b) any investigations under section 19 concluded in that year,
(c) any applications for consent under section 22, and all decisions on such applications, made in that year,
(d) any convictions for offences under section 20 in that year, and
(e) any fixed payment notices served under section 21 in that year

The first Annual Report 2015 and additional documents are available to view here

Review of the Act

The Act will be reviewed when it has been in operation for a year, that is, in September 2016.  When conducting this review, the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform will engage in consultations with, among others, people who are carrying on lobbying activities and their representatives.