Who are the Designated Public Officials?

Designated Public Officials

Section 6(4) of the Act requires each public body with DPOs appointed under section 6 of the Act to publish up to date lists of their DPOs.  The Commission has asked each such public body to create a “Regulation of Lobbying” (ROL Page) in the About Us section of their website. 

Designated Public Officials (DPOs) under the Act are:

  • Ministers and Ministers of State;
  • TDs and Senators;
  • MEPs for Irish constituencies;
  • Members of local authorities;
  • Special Advisers to Ministers and Ministers of State who have been appointed under section 11 of the Public Service Management Act 1997;
  • Public Servants as prescribed;
  • Other categories of persons as prescribed.

Details of “relevant bodies”

The Report on the First Review of the Regulation of Lobbying Act contained a recommendation that the Commission provide a “central repository” for a list of “relevant bodies” operating under the Transparency Code provided for under section 5(7) of the Act. (See the Commission’s guidance note on “relevant bodies” for further detail.)  The Commission has also asked public bodies to publish on their ROL Page details of any “relevant bodies” which are operating under their aegis.  The links below also provide details of any such relevant bodes and are in effect the central repository for the list of relevant bodies.

Below you will find links to a web-page provided by each Department, Local Authority and Public Body that lists all current DPOs in their organisation.