About the Register of Lobbying


The Regulation of Lobbying legislation is designed to provide information to the public about:

  • Who is lobbying
  • On whose behalf is lobbying being carried out
  • What are the issues involved in the lobbying
  • What is the intended result of the lobbying
  • Who is being lobbied

The Register of Lobbying is maintained by the Standards in Public Office Commission (Standards Commission).

The Regulation of Lobbying Act provides that the Standards Commission will be the Registrar of Lobbying and will establish an online Register of Lobbying. The Standards Commission will oversee the implementation of the register, monitor compliance, provide guidance and assistance and where necessary investigate and pursue breaches of legal requirements in due course.

The Standards Commission is an independent body. There are six members of the Standards Commission.

Further details are available on the Standards in Public Office Commission website concerning: 

Corporate Report 2016