Checking the Accuracy of the Register

It is recommended that DPOs check the lobbying register on a periodic basis to ensure their name is associated with the correct lobbying activities and the information is factually correct. Persons have a right to seek correction from the Standards Commission where information is inaccurate.

It is important to note that the fact that a Designated Public Official’s name appears on a lobbying return does not mean that they agree with the position of the person lobbying them. A person who undertakes lobbying activities may do so in various ways: through emails, phone calls, written submissions, meetings, etc. Some of these activities may be in the form of mass communications (for example, an email sent to all members of the Oireachtas). Others may be more targeted (for example, a meeting with a particular DPO).

It is the responsibility of public officials to seek out and hear from a range of views on issues of public policy, and meeting with organisations or persons who may seek to lobby them on a matter is part of that process. However, the presence of a DPO’s name on a lobbying return simply indicates that the DPO has been lobbied on a matter. It does not imply agreement on the part of the DPO with the position of the person lobbying, and should not be interpreted as such.