Recommended format for publishing details of DPOs and “relevant bodies”.

In order to meet the requirements of section 6(4) of the Act, and to assist the Commission generally in maintaining an up to date list of DPOs and a central repository/list of relevant bodies, the Commission has asked the public bodies with DPOs prescribed to take the following steps:


  • Create a dedicated page entitled “Regulation of Lobbying” (RoL page) in the “About Us” section of their website.
  • Include a link on their RoL page to
  • Provide the Commission with the exact address/URL of their RoL page so that the Commission may include a link to that page on its online central repository for “relevant bodies”.(
  • Publish and maintain on their RoL page an up-to-date list of the organisation’s DPOs.  In addition to those DPOs who have been prescribed, the page should include the following:

a)      In the case of Government Departments, details of Ministers, Ministers of State and Special Advisers and,

b)      In the case of Local Authorities, details of their elected members or a link to the elected members’ page.

  • Publish on their RoL page details of any “relevant bodies” i.e. Working Groups that are operating under the Transparency Code.
  • In relation to each relevant body, publish the information required to be provided under the Transparency Code.
  • Nominate a liaison person in the organisation who will be responsible for maintaining and updating the RoL page on the website and with whom the Commission may liaise regarding the organisation’s DPOs and relevant bodies.