Publication of Details of DPOs

Section 6(4) of the Act) requires each public body with DPOs prescribed to publish on its website, an up-to-date list showing the name, grade and brief details of the role and responsibilities of each DPO prescribed for the body.  The Commission requests that public bodies regularly review and update their list of DPOs.  The list serves a number of purposes, including the following:


1)             It allows members of the public identify those persons who are DPOs.

2)             Persons lobbying must record and submit returns of lobbying activities to the Register. As returns of lobbying activities must identify any DPOs lobbied, it is important, therefore, that persons submitting returns are able to access up-to-date lists of DPOs within the public bodies with which they are communicating.

3)             It enables the Commission to ensure that the “drop down” list of DPOs on the Register’s Return of Lobbying Activities form is up to date.

4)             It enables the Commission to ensure that a person referred to on a return of lobbying activities as having been lobbied is in fact a DPO.