Information for Lobbyists

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Here we have the guidelines and help files for people who are lobbying.

Do I need to register?

Steps to take to comply with the Regulation of Lobbying Act (the Act)

If you are satisfied that you are a person who is carrying on lobbying activities you may wish to take the following steps to ensure you are complying with the Act:

  1. Review your arrangements for recording “relevant communications” (lobbying activities) which fall within the scope of the Act and, in the case of organisations, identify the key personnel involved in making the communications.
  2. Where necessary, put in place arrangements to record all relevant communications.
  3. If you are an organisation which is carrying on lobbying activities, identify individual(s) in the organisation who will be responsible for registration and compilation of returns of lobbying activities.
  4. It is possible to enter data on the organisation’s account on an ongoing basis by more than one person in the organisation.  This information can be saved as draft returns on the organisation’s account prior to its approval and formal submission by the account administrator (see point 5 below).
  5. Nominate a person (or persons) within your organisation who will submit the organisation’s return(s) of lobbying activities at the end of each reporting period and who will confirm that the information is correct ( account administrator(s)).  As a matter of good practice, it is recommended that an organisation registering on the Register has more than one account administrator. This will ensure that all correspondence from, such as end-of-period alerts, and deadline-reminder emails are being received by more than one person, in the event that a person leaves their role, or is unavailable for any reason.
  6. In addition to account administrators, organisations can also create “account users”.  Account users may input information relating to an organisation’s lobbying activities on the organisation’s account and can create draft returns of lobbying activities.  Account users cannot, however, publish returns of lobbying activities on the Register.  Only account administrators can do this.
  7. Make sure the persons included on the organisation’s account have correct access and authorisation to manage the account.