How to report inaccurate information

There are two types of information which may be reported to the Standards in Public Office Commission as inaccurate, out of date or misleading.

  1. Reports made by a person to whom the information relates, for example;
  • the registrant herself
  • a person named in the lobbying return

The Commission may consider the report of inaccurate information under section 10(5) of the Act and make a determination of whether to amend or delete the information.

If you are the registrant or if you have been named in a return made by a third party and believe that the information is inaccurate please report the information via the register by clicking on the ”Report inaccurate information” button on the right-hand side of the return, or in writing by letter to the Commission or by email to Reports must be supported by evidence of how the information is inaccurate, out of date or misleading. Once the Commission makes a decision under section 10(5), the person making the report will be notified.  

  1. Reports made by a person to whom the information does not relate, for example, another registrant, a member of the public etc. In these cases, the request cannot be considered under section 10(5) of the Act.


If you believe information not relating to you that is on the Register is incorrect, incomplete or misleading, you are free to raise the matter with the Commission. The Commission may consider any information brought to its attention as part of its responsibilities in overseeing compliance with the Act.  

Please report the information in writing by letter or by email to