What happens if I am registered and I haven’t carried out any lobbying activities during a reporting period?

Once you are registered on the Register of Lobbying, you are obliged to submit a return of lobbying activities at the end of every return period, including a nil return.

If you do not intend to engage in lobbying in future, you may indicate this on your registration by selecting the option “Permanently Cease Lobbying”.

Section 12(3) of the Act provides that if person who is registered on the Register of Lobbying has not carried on any lobbying activities during a return period then the return for that period shall state that this is the case i.e. the person must file a “nil” return.  Lobbying.ie allows a registered person to file a nil return in such circumstances.  More information on filing a nil return is contained on our “Nil Returns” page. 

If you have indicated on your registration details that you have Permanently Ceased Lobbying then you are not required to continue to submit returns of lobbying activities.

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