What happens if I am no longer carrying out lobbying activities?

Once you are registered on the Register of Lobbying, you are obliged to submit a return of lobbying activities at the end of every return period.  This applies even if you have not carried out lobbying activities during a return period.  (See FAQ 29 above re “nil” returns.)

Section 11(4) of the Act, however, provides that a person who has permanently ceased to carry on lobbying activities may notify the Standards Commission that this is the case.  Lobbying.ie provides a facility where a person can record on their registration details that the person has permanently ceased lobbying.

 Section 12(2) of the Act provides that a person who has recorded that they have permanently ceased lobbying will not be required to continue to submit returns of lobbying activities (including nil returns).

 A registered person, who is satisfied that they have permanently ceased lobbying, may therefore, log onto their Lobbying.ie account and record on their Registration details that they have permanently ceased lobbying.

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