Does the Act apply to communications that take place outside of Ireland?

A person or organisation communicating with any Designated Public Official where that interaction meets the definitions contained in the Act (that is, a person within the scope of the Act, communicating with a Designated Public Official about a relevant matter) is required to register as a lobbyist and report the communication in their return for the relevant period. The Act makes no distinctions regarding where the communication takes place.

Determining whether a communication falls outside of jurisdiction is not based solely on whether it physically takes place outside of the country. Each case will have to be reviewed based on its own set of facts to determine in what circumstances a communication would fall within or outside of jurisdiction, and whether and how the Act may apply.

It is recognised that there may be difficulties with extra-territorial enforcement of the Act. All those lobbying Irish Designated Public Officials outside of the State are encouraged to comply with the spirit of the legislation to ensure transparency.

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