Corporate Governance Framework

Corporate Governance is defined as the systems, principles and processes by which organisations are directed and controlled. The principles underlying corporate governance are based on managing the organisation with integrity and fairness, being transparent, making all the necessary disclosures and complying with relevant legislation. Good governance facilitates efficient and effective management that translates into value and excellent customer service for our various stakeholders.

This document sets out how the Office of the Ombudsman, the Office of the Information Commissioner (incorporating the Office of the Commissioner for Environmental Information), the Standards in Public Office Commission and the Commission for Public Service Appointment operate. These four Offices, referred to collectively as the 'Office' throughout the document, each carry out separate and distinct statutory functions.

This Office is committed to best practice structures, processes and systems that support the successful operation of duties in an ethical, accountable, transparent and effective manner. We firmly believe that good corporate governance is essential in order to support the delivery of the Office's strategic priorities. In documenting governance arrangements our stakeholders can be assured that good governance policies and practices are embedded in the culture of the Office.