7.    Publication of Report and Outreach

A number of organisations have stressed the importance of circulating the final code extensively and ensuring that people know about it and appreciate its importance.  It has also been suggested that the Code should be made available in a number of languages and accessible formats.  It is suggested that all DPOs should receive a copy of the Code via their Departments.  It has also been suggested that the Code presents an opportunity to “re-emphasise” the reach of the legislation and could be used to communicate the importance and value of a “compliance culture” across the EU states.


The Commission intends to use the publication of the Code of Conduct as an opportunity to undertake further outreach on the Regulation of Lobbying.  The Code will feature prominently on lobbying.ie.  It will be available in Irish and English in an accessible format.  Links to the Code will be available throughout the registration and returns processes.  The Code will be provided to all Government Departments and public bodies with DPOs prescribed.  The Departments/Public Bodies will be asked to bring the Code to the attention of their DPOs and to confirm that they have done so.