3.    Approach to consultation 

In preparing the consultation paper and draft Code of Conduct the Commission drew upon its experience of administering the Act and supervising the operation of the online register.  The Commission also had regard to a number of similar codes and consultation processes in other jurisdictions.


As stated above the Commission considered that a principles based code of conduct rather than a rules based code of conduct would be more suitable.  The Commission considered that the following set of principles might provide a template for carrying on lobbying activities in an ethical manner that reinforces the objectives of the Act:

1)      Demonstrating respect for institutions

2)      Acting with honesty and integrity

3)      Ensuring accuracy of information

4)      Disclosure of identity and purpose of lobbying activities

5)      Disclosure of interests

6)      Preserving confidentiality

7)      Avoiding improper influence

8)      Observing the provisions of the Regulation of Lobbying Act

9)      Having regard to the Code of Conduct