What communications are covered by the Act?

Persons are carrying on lobbying activities if they meet the following conditions:

  1. They are communicating either directly or indirectly with a “Designated Public Official” and
  2. That communication is about “a relevant matter” and
  3. That communication is not specifically exempted and
  4. They are one of the following:
  • An employer with more than 10 employees where the communications are made on the employer’s behalf
  • A representative body with at least one employee communicating on behalf of its members and the communication is made by a paid employee or paid office holder of the body.
  • An advocacy body with at least one employee that exists primarily to take up particular issues and a paid employee or paid office holder of the body is communicating on such issues.
  • A professional lobbyist being paid to communicate on behalf of a client (where the client is an employer of more than 10 full time employees or is a representative body or an advocacy body which has at least one full-time employee)
  • Any person communicating about the development or zoning of land.