How to Register as a Lobbyist

Take the following steps to Register as a person engaged in Lobbying. You can also view the Help section of the website for further details.



  1. Access the Regulation of Lobbying website

  1. Create an account

CLICK Register as a Lobbyist


  1. Enter account contact details
  • ENTER your email address
  • ENTER your preferred password
  • CONFIRM your password

NOTE: your password must  be 8 characters long  and contain a number, a capital letter and a lowercase letter

  • ENTER   your phone number
  • CLICK Register


  1. Authenticate
  • CLICK on link in email received
  • ENTER code received on your phone from


  1. Login to site


  • ENTER your email address
  • ENTER your preferred password



  1. Select Registration Type

CLICK Individual


  1. Register

ENTER your name

ENTER your address

ENTER your phone number

CLICK on tick box to confirm information provided is correct


  1. Is there a valid reason to delay publication?

If there is a valid reason, CLICK on yes

SELECT reason from list in dropdown menu

ENTER details in text box

ENTER date until registration should be delayed


  1. Save