How to Manage your Account

HOW TO: Manage your account

Take the following steps if you need to manage your account.



  1. Access the Regulation of Lobbying website

  1. Login
  • ENTER your email address
  • ENTER your preferred password
  1. Turn on two factor authentication
  • CLICK on Manage Profile
  • Under two factor authentication heading CLICK on yes
  • CLICK on save
  1. Change Password
  • CLICK on Manage Profile
  • ENTER your current password
  • ENTER your new password
  • CONFIRM your new password

NOTE: your password must contain at least one of the following: A number, a capital letter and a lowercase letter

  • CLICK on change
  1. Update Registration details
  • CLICK on Manage Organisation
  • UPDATE the Organisations details
  • CLICK on save
  • CLICK yes under the ceased lobbying heading if you have permanently ceased lobbying
  • CLICK ok to confirm that you have ceased lobbying
  1. Add new user to your organisation
  • CLICK on User Administration
  • ENTER the new users email address
  • ENTER the new users name
  • CLICK on Invite
  1. Bulk Import
  • CLICK on Bulk Import
  • CLICK on Choose File
  • BROWSE to file and select
  • CLICK Open