Appendix: Best practices for persons undertaking lobbying activities

  • Review your organisation’s arrangements for recording relevant communications
  • Where necessary, put in place arrangements to record such information from the start of the first relevant period in which you begin lobbying
  • Identify individual(s) responsible for carrying on and keeping a record of lobbying activities

o   Note: It is possible to have data entered on the register on an ongoing basis by more than one employee and saved in draft form (on a private area of the register) prior to its formal submission.

  • Nominate a compliance officer for registration and compilation of returns.

o   Single person responsible for reviewing all final returns for completeness, accuracy and consistency, and ensuring returns deadlines are met.

o   Person can submit final return at the end of each reporting period.

o   Ensure there is a back-up person or substitute to submit returns to in case of illness or absence of the compliance officer.

  •  Visit for more information, including guidance, information tools and videos to help you:

o   Determine if you are lobbying

o   Find the answers to frequently asked questions

o   Complete the registration process

o   Complete the process of submitting returns of lobbying activities

  • Best Practice when submitting returns

o   You do not need to file a separate return for every communication on a particular subject matter

o   Ensure that you are selecting the correct Designated Public Official

o   Make sure that the subject matter and intended result(s) of your lobbying activities can be understood by persons reviewing your returns of lobbying activities

o   Keep in mind when compiling your return that a number of matters are considered exempt and communicating about them would not be considered lobbying